August 19, 2006

Vourate Kopelia, Erkountai oi Galloi

Gone are the days when blogs were ignored. Nowadays a blog with its head in the right place can make an impact.

I'm happy to report that our suggestion to send two peacekeepers to Lebanon has been heeded by the authorities of Stravaraland, despite the fact that their heads may not always be in exactly the right place - they say it's awfully dark up there.

Be that as it may, it looks as if it's definitely a go, go, go for our brave peacekeepers.

This, after our new-found allies, the French, prdictably 'down-sized' their proposed force to a mere 200. HA!! Wimps!

They also had the audacity to 'volunteer' leading the peacekeeping force in Lebanon.
E sigaaaa re Gallouthkia, mastoroi tziai mastrappaes.
Liberal translation: Easy there tigre: tin cup, wannabe boss.

With Costis and Yiannis on the ground the Frenchies can forget about that whole taking charge notion they may have in their silly heads.

Reports suggest that Costis' and Yiannis' mothers will be appointed quartemasters in charge of supplying them with lunchboxes and topping up their cell 'phone credit. Meanwhile, Costis and Yiannis Sr. will splash out for a Mercedes foukou from the guy accross from the St. Antoine market in the capital.


Blogger michaella said...

Ah, les Francais! Ils ont décidé d’aider, mais ils ont les fait comme leur visages! Liberal translation = αποφασίσαν να βοηθήσουν μα εκάμαν τα όπως τα μούτρα τους. *my French is getting rusty, maybe I should consider peacekeeping in Lebanon as an option, so that I can get to practice

19 August, 2006 20:43  
Blogger Noullis said...

NO, don't go to Lebanon! Costis & Yianmis will try to kidnap you and force you to cook and clean.

After all, their mothers are too scared to go over and look after them!

19 August, 2006 21:51  
Blogger michaella said...

I do not mind cooking. I actually consider it enlightening because I am to learn the secrets of Lebanese cuisine, which I enjoy. Despite the fact that I am a superb cook, I am a lousy cleaner, and I do not believe I would be of any help to the two renowned persons. I clean so slowly that until I finish with one room the rest of the house becomes dirty again! They would release me and ask me de ne retourner pas!

19 August, 2006 22:23  
Blogger Noullis said...

HA!! Any excuse to go shopping. Take ca$h.

19 August, 2006 22:29  
Blogger drakouna said...

Νο re!! (όι ρε) You misunderstood the whole idea (επαρεξήγησες το point).

The French are acutally planning one last crusade that will revive the Levantine kingdom of Jerusalem and the crusaders. Cyprus will once again become a Luisignan kingdom and all those χωρκούθκια in Paphos will once again come under French feudal rule.
(Μετάφραση: Όνειρα θερινής νυκτός)

Η Michaella εν να κάμνει τον Baldwin the Conqueror??

21 August, 2006 08:36  
Blogger Noullis said...

AHA!! So, Costis and Yiannis are going to keep an eye out for my interests in Nova Justinana. The French are obviously a diversion.

21 August, 2006 22:44  
Blogger michaella said...

who is this baldwin again? (ποιός εν τούτος ο μπάλντουιν πάλε?)

22 August, 2006 12:45  

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