August 08, 2006


One of the geeky things any blogger will do is install a little tracking device. Remember those garish 'X visits since', say, 'The day Elvis died' little counter thingies? Yeah, well, nowadays one can be a bit more discreet than that but the time-wasting process is just as much fun.

So, as I was looking at results from the rather snazzy little analytic tool I have embedded (go to 'view page source' while at this blog and figure it out, brethren and good sisters) I noticed a peculiar result: Within a short span of time I had 5 people logging on to the site from what my little tool (so to speak) identified as 'Dhekelia Cantonment'.

"Crap", I thought, "I'll be on the Matsakis shit-list if this keeps up".

A little 'Google-ing' was in order. Ahh, OK, I get it. Stravara is a horse. You know, aminals on which to spend one's wages. Yes, indeed. An Apparos (or appara) running for its life at a track somewhere in England.

I can just picture it now. A bunch of disgruntled squaddies, sitting around, getting bombed on warm KEO, going on and on about the ef-ing locals this and the ef-ing locals that. Then they disperse, turn to their 'puters and seek out the horse that will make them a fortune.

A horse that is probably owned by a ....

I had to have a little chuckle


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