August 02, 2006

Mount Who[m]?

When is a pipe not simply a pipe? Good question; but I think it would be quite inappropriate to suggest an answer such as "when it's in a monastery on a mountain". See, an answer like that would simply not be funny.

What you see here is a reproduction of a classic Magritte. Reproduction... no, not that kind, you fool...stop it...stop sniggering.

The church, you see, did not approve of artists such as Magritte. Not because he was Belgian but because his work aroused....ahhh, forget it!

OK, that's it! No more art appreciation entries.....enough, you two in the back of the classroom!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is stupid and insulting

19 August, 2006 12:33  
Blogger Noullis said...

worse than not having a name?

19 August, 2006 13:49  

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