November 12, 2005

A green line running through my head

This here blog is intended to attract irreverent comments and observations emanating from and concerning the island of Stravaraland. From time to time we hope to expose some of the more odious characters currently milling around, unhindered.

The island in question is an imaginary place that sprawls on around an imaginary green line. Geographically located in Yurp and politically confused, this is the future home of some of the most fascinating golf courses to be seen in a long time. Search Hi and Lo and you'll be hard pressed to find a place such as Stravaraland.

From time to time we'll try and recruit additional contributors. For the time being, however, we'll have to rely on the usual suspects.

A word to those who are bound to bellyache about the lack of personal information provided by contributors, including identity card numbers and DNA samples: We have the proverbial radish and you're welcome to it!

We'll see how it goes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come te dude on the right is smiling?

29 January, 2006 04:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, dude, It's the dude on the left who's smiling. The dude on the right looks like he's about to burp or say "eeesheksiksin"

29 January, 2006 04:32  

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