November 25, 2005

Vending Machines and Jackie Boy

So, the deal is that when in Malta and when looking to score smokes onehas to head for a vending machine. LM 1.60 or thereabouts for a pack of Rothmans.

CHOGM - The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Wow, what a motley crew of either corrupt or slightly insane countries. Jackie Boy, the Minister of Tavern Affairs flew over, bringing with him that CyBC correspondent who wears white socks but whose nose is most definitely brown. Soon to be named TeePee Brown. Hmm, it's all coming together now. Cosmic coincideneces, Beavis, Butthead and the government of the Republikk of Cyprus.

It's nice hanging out in Valetta, checking out the CyBC guy's total ignorance of the finer details of the media biz. "They want us to buy a tape" he was overheard saying by DAVID (no further details will be forthcoming so as to protect the innocent).

"Yes", said DAVID, "the deal is you go and shoot something which everyone shares". This is known as a pool shoot so as to avoid all the crews to turn up to the same places at the same time. Being a true white and brown Cypriot, though, the concept was lost on Johnnie Boy. TeePee TeeVee, Allah Akbar!

Maaaan this gig is weird. But, hey, this Commonwealth scam is worse than identity theft.


Anonymous Bruno said...

Hey guys, I don't know why you insist that your minister of Tavern Affairs looks like a waiter or butcher. I saw him, here in Malta and as far as I'm concerned "Jackie Boy" is the Cyprus Yoda.

Best regards,


26 November, 2005 12:11  
Blogger falconcy said...

What I wanna know is, was Jackie Boy wearing his Armani Donkey Jacket?


13 March, 2006 15:51  

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