August 01, 2006

Ground Control to Major Andreas

After a long enough hiatus, this blog is back. Almost with a vengeance and with enough gusto to start dishing out awards. Are these going to be distributed willy-nilly, you may ask – to which we reply: Well, c’mon, now, Cyprus is, after all, a willy-nilly kinda place, ain’t it?

Some people, through words and actions, make an indelible mark on society, while others are merely convinced that they do. It’s unfair to brandish the latter as having either delusion of grandeur or their heads up their arses. Such epithets are merely unkind.

Prizegiving, therefore, can go some way towards vindicating the much maligned and misunderstood;

Our first Lost in Space award, therefore, is awarded jointly to Andreas Hadjikyriacos of Simerini and his suspected muse - and some fear the next President of Cyprus - Georges Lillikas.

Hadjikyriacos – often mistaken for a noteworthy journalist – penned a brilliant little op-ed piece, promoting the diplomatic virility of Georges, who’s currently serving a sentence as Foreign Minister.

Intsead of quoting accurately, we’ll simply paraphrase:

"...2002 was probably the first time and certainly the last when Cyprus played an active role in the field of international diplomacy, when it negotiated the [release], of 13 Palestinians, [holed up] in the Church of The Nativity in Bethlehem.
Rarely does a country of our size get to play in the
[The Premier League] of international diplomacy..."

Yeah, so far, so good, you may well say. All of a sudden, though, the author’s nose turns a decidedly unflattering shade of brown, as he suggests that Lillikas should start another ball rolling – this time to put his brilliant ideas forth as to how to negotiate an end to the Lebanese debacle. Especially as Cyprus is trusted by all plyers involved in the fucking mess in question.

Is this in lieu of a parent’s note excusing the child’s absence from school? Has the Foreign Minister already done his bit regarding the Cyprus issue and finds himself a bit on the fidgety side? Is Georges L the inspiration behind the keyboard?

Waaaitaminutehere! I thought Andreas H mentioned something 2002 being the last time we played a role in international diplomacy.

Some may be churlish enough to say there never was a first time, but, hey, we come not to bury Andreas but to praise him…


Anonymous m said...

It seems you have not realised that we are the centre of the universe and will solve all the problems of the world with our master diplomatic skills and power...

People that say: "We agreed the Annan plan is dead and now will begin negotiations for a bizonal bicommunal federation" (Hello? What was the Annan plan? But let's just waste more time.) lead our foreign affairs...

02 August, 2006 10:48  
Blogger Noullis said...

My apoogies. The thing is, you see, I'm tying to give up smoking and it's making me irritable. A friend suggested smoking a pipe and...well, I just lost my temper, I suppose. My apologies to all those concerned.

I realise now that you are absolutely right. It's more than realpolitik - it's omphalopolitique.

02 August, 2006 11:02  

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