August 03, 2006

The Cyprus Problem and Lebanon

The trouble with Harry, according to Alfred Hitchcock, was that he was dead. This was seen from the point of view of those who were not. Pretty obvious.

What is also obvious is that this Lebanon thing is getting a bit out of control. It's also contributing to local warming, as the Greens are once more generating alarming amounts of methane as their chieftain, the charming and well informed George Perdikis, has been sounding as many alarm bells as he can get his hands on.

Perdikis has defined a new phenomenon - that of the Depleted Uranium (DU) cloud. As scientists are out on this one, we'll have to take his word. It seems, however, that Cyprus is not in any danger as there is no such thing looming in the skies above, according to the Health Ministry.

In other Cyprus-related Lebanon news we have:

Simireini still insisting Georges Lillique really does have a plan to bring peace to the region. They have him standing by, just in case.

The Migration service deporting one person for fleeing Lebanon without its prior authorisation and detaining a mother and her children for illegally wanting to join their husband and father. He's only been working in Cyprus for 10 years, so being suspicious and vigillant is not a bad idea. Oh, yes, plus they made the mistake of arriving after office hours, so they couldn't call he boss and ask what could be done.

The Ministry of golf courses and marinas has announcing that the pesky Lebanon thing will not affect the island's tourism. Hey, if the Gulf wars didn't why should a country closer to home?

In view of all this, and a service to our readers, we're giving away bars of soap to wash away any DU related crap falling out of the skies.

If there's any left over you can use it in case you inadvertantly shake a priest's hand.


Anonymous m said...

Well Perdikis needs something to use as an excuse for his existence as a Green. What a liberal activist he is, eh?

05 August, 2006 20:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, and then he fills up his SUV and drives off to save the environment

06 August, 2006 00:27  

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