October 11, 2007

Memo to Photis

Koumpare Photi: Here is your chance to become a local hero and make a bit of money on the side. After all, being wind driven (as seen in photo) you can't really be part of the natural gas scam.

So, after telling us that our scrapie infected sheep are the yummiest and to steer clear of pseudo-Bulgaro-Hellenic mutton dressed as chops, and having already insisted that if we were to eat imported meat we'd be nothing but traitors and that our bowels would open at the most inconvenient of times, here's your chance to make amends.

Screw going to Brussels; the sheep are already on their way to have a chat with Marcos. Instead, go to New Zealand or any place where lamb and sheep are considered excellent and do a deal to import 120,000 heads or so of said livestock.

Think about it: first off, you can make a small fortune in backhanders as well as getting more money from Brussels, not to mention your own cut (sic) of the buying price at source. You simply import the new animals and exchange them for the sick ones.

Once you've fixed this bloody mess, we'll have a chat about onions, potatoes and start a forest fire or two so that the government can speed up the Canadair buying process. Happy [en]trails, dude.


Anonymous Lillikas said...

Photi, baby, just ignore the bastards and keep spreading catastrophe!!!


12 October, 2007 02:05  

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