September 14, 2007

Lame Name and Shame

The consumers of Stravaraland have every right to breathe a sigh of relief. People being ripped off by everyone from the neighbourhood souvlaki shop to the biggest supermarket as the introduction of the euro draws closer, now have a knight in shining armour.

CyBC yesterday decide to come to our rescue in a brilliant little 'name and shame' piece.
"A litre of brand X milk cost so much in supermarket X. The same brand of milk, however was selling at a higher price in supermarket Y in Limassol and even higher at supermarket Z in Paphos"

The Presidential TV correspondent than gave us more examples, which included meat.

I think the next step of this brave Name and Shame campaign ought to take the form of a quiz show where people not only have to guess which supermarkets are the ones referred to as X, Y, or Z, but should also substitute the mentions of, say, milk.

The question posed to the contestants, therefore could go something like:
"Which commodity, named as X, is sold at which supermarket we call Y and in which town we referred to as Z?"
The winner could get to borrow Emilia Kenevezou's underwear for a week.


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