September 05, 2007


Times are schizophrenic and double guessing rules the day. Everyone wants to know who is jumping from one pocket to another. And ideological nomads hear their master's voice fading into the distance as they move into new ideological tents.

And that's when the double guessing begins. Would Yiannakis Nicolaou at CyBC jump into the president's pocket or remain faithful to The Party, one was kept wondering until yesterday. Yiannakis was transformed from top bull to minced meat in a few deft strokes by the man one should never mess with: Nicos Katsourides of AKEL. I would not be surprised if Costas Themistocleous were busy at this very moment trying to obtain a copy of Tuesday's "Apo Mera se Mera" in order to watch it over and over again. I suggest he get in touch with Matrix Media,as I doubt Kareklas at the Presidential Broadcasting Corporation would extend him the courtesy. And no, I don't know whether one can get decent gazpacho in Nicosia.

I suspect Katsourides' de rigeur 'take no prisoners' attitude was further fueled by Yiannakis bedouin trek that led him into a warm presidential pocket. He was given as good as he gave (when he lost his cool with Themistocleous in a totally unjournalistic tantrum) just over a month ago on the same show.

But the way Katsourides demolished Yiannakis was almost cruel, with the first volley - a dirty look that made Yiannakis shut up - being as effective as a coup de grace.

When will local TV journalists learn to conduct themselves in a manner more befitting of a presenter and finally shed their second rate, coffee shop agit-prop ethos, I wonder.

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