September 02, 2007

Marketing Blazing Glory

I've been reticent to comment on the fires in Greece. But the latest trips by various politicians to the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic have been just a bit too much. Unfortunately, protocol (for some reason) dictates that the ambassador has to put up with these antics as well as the accompanying TV crews.

I find the images of politicians handing over envelopes and smiling into the cameras gathered at the embassy, as if they were handing over some competition prize - as part of amarketing campaign, to be a bit tasteless, to say the least.

And could someone please tell me who started this nonsense regarding the earthshaking innovation of firestrips? Who started spreading this rumour inferring tha Cypriot firefighhters are far more capable than their counterparts in Greece.

And could we please tone down the "we saved Greece" attitude?

Journalists, who insist on acting like children whenever they stumble upon a piece of information ought neither to be heard nor seen.

And one last question directed at the Bank of Cyprus: As you've been generous with your help to Greece and as you have pledged 8 firefihghting vehicles, would you please consider buying Stravaraland a firefighting 'plane. Because if we wait for either Photis or Sophocles to get on with it we'll never get one.

Below is an "eutube" contribution:


Anonymous Voter said...

I know I will NOT vote with the EDEK line. Omirou turning up at THE Embassy was totally embarassing!! He should be walking dogs on any given Sunday.

What he (and others) did is truly shameful.

03 September, 2007 03:40  

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