August 22, 2007

Recognition at Last!

This piece in Phileleftheros came as a great relief.

The people of Cyprus would like to thank Lambros for asking the question that prompted the following U.S. State Department response:
Yes, Lambros.

QUESTION: Mr. Gallegos, any respond to the -- yesterday's pending question on oil exploration by the Republic of Cyprus in its own economic zone?

MR. GALLEGOS: Besides the taken question that I posted and then one of my staff handed to you, I'd be happy to go into that.

QUESTION: Just for the record.

MR. GALLEGOS: Yes. The Republic of Cyprus has announced the results of bids to obtain oil and gas exploration licenses in Cyprus's exclusive economic zone. An American firm is among the bidders. The Republic of Cyprus is a sovereign nation with the right to request bids for oil exploration within its own economic zone. The involvement of U.S. firms in such investment is a business decision, not a political one.

QUESTION: Thank you.


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