August 20, 2007

The First Big Freebie

We are told today by our great Archbishop that all priests in Stravaraland will receive an increase in salary over the next three years. The lowest band will be A8 (around 200-300 pounds more than the current average based on hearsay here and there, my numbers are from around 500-600 pounds to go to 800 pounds for most priests).

Now, the salaries of clergymen in Stravaraland are paid by the state, therefore 6 months before the Presidential elections, after 4 years of almost no salary increases in the public sector (to get the eurozone standards on deficit and debt), well now, coincidentally 6 months before the elections, all the clergymen of Stravaraland get a mind-numbing increase in salaries.

Any semblance of the above with reality is absolutely real and true, unless proven otherwise, given the Byzantine tradition to secrecy espoused by the Church of Stravaraland, that does not allow us to get the right numbers.


Blogger drakouna said...

The rest of the civil servants εννα πιάσουν τίποτε ή εκάτσαν πάνω τα πλάσματα?

20 August, 2007 21:39  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

Έπεται συνέχεια, ο Πρόεδρος δεν είναι με άδειαν ακόμα;

20 August, 2007 21:54  
Blogger firfiris said...

not to mention πως οι παπάδες κάμνουν τζιαι που ένα καρατέλλο κοπελλούθκια ο καθένας (κοπελλούδι = potential vote)

21 August, 2007 11:21  
Blogger Demetris said...

In 1971 ( i think) the president of cyprus made an agreement with the archibishop of cyprus which undersigned the obligation of the state of cyprus to pay the priests' salaries. As a gesture of good will the archibishop as head of the church would give to the president as head of state a VAST area of underdeveloped land in places like Ayia Napa, Pissouri, Peyia and other kafkales.

The president told his officials to go and arrange all was needed for the priests to be paid by the state. The archibishop just forgot to do his bit. The next one did so too, and on top of that sold or rented some of the land the archibishop before him promised to hand over to the state. TT was back then in Ais Neophytos dealing in sand and land development setting the example for the Aristos ad Karayiannas of this land.

Dislclaimer: I DO have access to legal documented proof of all of the above.

21 August, 2007 12:39  

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