August 24, 2007

A Balanced Opinion

Regardless of what has been said about the Archbishop of Stravaraland and his meddling ways (including our own digs), it's encouraging to see that not all is lost on the local media scene.

Here is a passage from the Cyprus Weekly editorial page:
...Cyprus has an elected President and decisions on the national issue are the responsibility of the government and the National Council. The Archbishop, as any individual, has a right to express his views, of course. But siding with one candidate or his positions in order to denounce and attack the views of the other two, is an unwise move on his part.

Greeks are famous for feuding among themselves. We in Cyprus have paid dearly for mistakes and quarrels of the past.

We saw the feuding after independence, the fight between Makarios and Grivas, the "revolt" by the bishops against Makarios, the criminal actions by Eoka B against the government, and ultimately the treacherous coup by the Greek junta and their henchmen in Cyprus.

Then, easily, we put all the blame on Kissinger and the plottings and designs of the imperialists, for the calamity that befell Cyprus.

With Turkish troops still occupying our lands, we should focus on trying to avoid similar quarrels, or at least learning from mistakes of the past. Archbishop Chrysostomos could help in this direction, urging Greek Cypriot politicians to overcome their differences and speak in one voice. Siding with one party and attacking the others does not promote unity.

Andreas Hadjipapas


Blogger falconcy said...

Could have sworn I heard the priest say "the father, the son, the holy spirit and Tassos Papodopoulos" in church today.

27 August, 2007 04:59  

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