September 13, 2007

reserve the plot the soonest

Imagine that you were interested in buying a plot of land in Stravaraland. Imagine, without anything close to reality, that you received the following from an estate agent:

Thank you for your email with the good news about the plot.
You have to act fast if you really want to have it as there is another client who is also very interested-he is from England too.
I spoke with the owner of the plot and he said that if you finally decide to buy it he would prefer to have some of the money under the table.Is this a problem for you?please let me know.This is purely for tax reasons.
As for your queries about the joint ownership etc.there are no complications at all.this will be explained in detail by the lawyer Mr P...
I am asking you to decide the soonest as it could be sold anytime.this is not a selling trick,I am being honest with you.
To reserve it we can accept a deposit over the phone-credit card off line booking.
The rest of the procedure will be in the hands of the lawyer who will contact you-preparation of the contracts,payment schedule etc.
I shall wait for your quick response.

Have a nice day.

Imagine also that Mr P... happens to be the same Mr P... mentioned at the infamous lying builder website.

Funny, if it were only true, ah?


Blogger Giorgio said...

Re kopelia, in the land of Afrodite the ancient bitch where the president of the parliament has actually moved an existing public road to accomodate his super luxury hotel Anassa how can you be surprised about Kariayiannas? The father warned the guy "You are in Cyprus..." I really admire his patience in dealing with some ttoppouzous from Paralimni, the Land of King Vlittis who ruled the place with his son in law. The goverment in Cyprus doesn't seem able to protect consumers from taxi drivers and the types of karagiannas... I fully support Connor in his battle against Karagiannas and hoping that things can start changing from at least the local goverment level (something is telling me Karagiannas can pull strings in Paralimni...) and move all the way up the ladder to Tassos the Kavlantos and the siettanis gang around him.

16 September, 2007 18:03  

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