September 21, 2007

Spurs-Ano 6-1

OK, it was a bit of a nightmare game. Wrong team to play against at a very wrong time...

Timur lost the plot in strategy but also in his players' confidence to actually put a good run on the field. Ano was too slow to defend, the tactics were changing so fast they left us confused. Was it man-to-man marking on Keane in the second half? Who was the defender on the left, was Fabinio supposed to cover in defense and he ignored Timour or Timour was playing without someone covering Lennon?! All too confusing to me how much space all the Spurs players had (and every corner was somehow like half a penalty, they scored from 2 corners and should have had another 2 from them as well). Lennon and Bent were all over the field with a nominal speed of light and noone was near them at any point in time (and when they were it did not really matter).

Conceding 3 silly goals in 3 silly minutes right before the first half was devastating (OK, I thought Bent will not get to the end of that too from the stand, but that is not a good assumption for the Ano defender to make on the field!). At the time we were all trying to figure out what had happened when a Turkish flag appeared and created such a commotion that the stewards had to hastily take it out of the hands of the agent-provocateur. By the time we figured out what had happened, Keane had scored the third one and Bent the fourth one. Ironically, the three nightmare minutes occured right after the vocal and sizeable (at 2000) Ano crowd was chanting "Arsenal". I guess that is what one would call CRIME AND PUNISHMENT.


Blogger Lexi_penitas said...

That was cruel. That was rape or maybe cold blood murder.

Some were dreaming of a dream. Face reality guys. This is as far as Cyprus football could go....

21 September, 2007 15:49  

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