October 08, 2007

Town Planners, Unite!

Journalists. Where are they when you need them? Well, in Cyprus, they're probable behind a bus stroking their dubious manhood to a climax.

The road to hell has nothing to do with Chris Rea. It is the hospital - IKEA route that the half-witted journalists of the land have decided to go on and on and on about.

What these malakes have failed to do is ask the obvious question: Is there no town planning authority in place on this European Island? Did Mr. Shaqolas build his little nubile-trap overnight? Did the authorities have no warning? Was the MALL erected without the prior knowledge or consent of the powers that be? Were all those bell-ringing ministers and officials of state oblivious to the fact that a new shopping centre was about to come into being as they were ringing their little hearts out in full view of the island's electronic media? Is the taxpayer more comfortable blaming an entrepreneur rather than the assholes he (and she) voted into place (by proxy or by fart)?

Did the TaSSosState have no knowledge as to the intentions of IKEAman regarding the flow of traffic in the area?

Talk about the inability to organise a piss-up in a brewery! Long live the incumbent King on the island of the blind! Vote for anyone else but TaSSos and save the land.

Recycle Perdikis!


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