September 21, 2007

Plaka stin Strakka tze tzittemerou

This passed on to me from the election circus...em... circuit I mean.

As usual, I claim no responsibility, authorship or ownership of this computer commands whether they appear on:

Macs, PCs, ipods, mobiles, cells, GPS, XR3 LFE stickers, Morris Minor bumperstickers, Triumph laspotires stamps, Blackberries and Crackberries, Loukoumades and Siamisi establishment napkins, straight croissant wrappers, Elementary school History books, graffiti near the Loutra tis Emerkes, flags at soccer games, scarfs donned by chrolophylls on either side of the Green Line, cliff notes in front of the ever young government spokesman (or is he now the campaign manager for his boss?..wait I thought he represents the government and not a candidate...confusio a la marinara di calamari), latex or poly condom wrappers (regular, extended pleasure, for her satisfaction, ribbed or magnums), in non-Greek newspapers read by Greek-speaking bananiots (wait how could this happen your holiness?...ah it must be the damned raprochment thingy again where the words deceivingly appear to be in Greek letters but if you look close enough you can see the Turkish alphabet fos-fanari without the speed cameras)...

even though I could benefit from a few olive oil bottles (the ones exported to the Union Jack from the aforementioned estate and sold at fine establishments for a hefty euro price)


1. Create a new file folder on your computer.
2. Name it "Tasssssssssssos Papadopoulos".
3. Drag it to the recycle bin.
4. Empty the recycle bin.
5. Your PC will ask you, 'Do you really want to get rid of
"Tasssssssssssos Papadopoulos"?
6. Firmly Click 'Yes.'
7. Feel better instantly.

Next week, we'll do Giorgos Lillikas

By the by...poios politikos/politikantis exei ta guts (and gonads for that matter)to say loud and clear (hanging from antennas or hiding in throumpi-bushes) what the Bananiots on the Southern part want (tzinoi potzi tze emeis poda)...

Hint: He is not hiding in mpaoula anymore...

Winner gets a ride in his Kaskavel to enter Varoshia...


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