October 10, 2007

The Difference Between Smart and Fart

What I love about this island is the level of base coffeeshop conversation and a penchant for pedestrian analysis. The local ethos will never lend itself to any form of intelligence or, God forbid, synthesis. Everything boils down to what happened yesterday - as if half of the brainless arguments or suppositions at any given moment in time have any bearing on what we actually have at hand. A small matter of over 40,000 Turkish troops most definitely present, while the bearded lady of the land tells us we should all be patient before giving our beloved neighbour a hard time over an inconsequential ferry route between the TRNC (recognised - de facto - by PapaStrakkas) and Syria. Good move, sending Lyssarides to bore the crap out of the powers that be in Damascus, by the way!

And what we have at hand is merely a group of bandits stealing from one another as well as from the taxpayer. But the taxpayer seems to be absent at most times. As they have been since 1960. Find food, eat, as the old adage goes.

These sons of ugly whores and self-declared patriots of our little third world corner of the EU have their own agendas, as do those who claim they were forced into prostitution. And never does a journalist get to raise a hand and ask a question. After all, we have a state-subsidised broadcaster that insists on hiring such idiots as pompous Yiannis and pleb Yiannakis and placing them in the same department. Gott in Himmel!!!

Anywhere else in the world, the sight of cabinet members playing with little bells to declare open a shopping mall would cause nothing less than a slew of resignations. Especially as here is a real problem of ambulances trying, in vain (not that it would actually make a difference if they manged to get though) to get to Nicosia general hospital.

But not here, in the land with a GDP worth less than 7% of the capitalisation of a company such as Google. This, after all is the land where we are proud of our local lamb, regardless of the fact that they have to be slaughtered for the greater good of the general public (and health). Have any of our so-called journalists actually asked PhotPhot whether the milk and halloumi (hellim) of the land is safe to eat?

This is a backward land in which journalists are much better at taking Christmas gifts home than asking a few simple questions. They are very good at taking and being told what to think - for that is their genetic profile. Mere Salt Lake donkeys who know the one true road to salvation - their salaries.

And then we have the idiot losers who are still 'convinced' that they won the last battle - against the dreaded Annan plan, of course. They really have a bit less than nothing to say. The just have an occasional little fart under the blanket in mid-October as their elected government steal and plunder. They would rather forgive the intruder, thief and rapist than help the average idiot voters think for themselves.

Blessed are the malakes, for they truly will inherit the vote.

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