May 18, 2007

My Way or the Highway

CyBC had an exclusive interview with Tommy 2.0. It was conducted by an excitable, Bulgarian trained, operative of the State Broadcaster. The Head of the God franchise in Cyprus spoke of almost speaking with Angela Merkel while in Brussels (The German chick, it seems was way too busy to stop and chat and had to get back home double quick time), fixing up mosques and trying to get a few churches fixed in the pseudo-north as well as the matter of his franchise being allergic to politics.

The CyBC operative, whose nose was obviously in need of a fresh coat of brown eventually came round to that question of politics and whether the church would have a say in the Mother of All Problems: The Cyprus Issue. And Tommy 2.0 came up with a gem of a quote:
"The church wants a single- monolithic, I would say - position on the national issue. The opposition can disagree on soooo many other domestic issues - after all, in case of a mistake, these can always be fixed whereas any mistake made on the national issue would be irreversible".
The High Priest did not tell us which, in his opinion, was the correct position on the Cyprus Issue.


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