May 03, 2007


Much hoopla has been made in Stravaraland these days about the pseudostate's sinister campaign to achieve international recognition through its pseudo-universities and their pseudo-diplomas.

Have you ever tried arguing to a well-meaning European that degrees from universities in the north should not be recognized because it is an illegal state?

They look at you as if you're a child molester. Can't blame them.

What kind of a person would deny a group of individuals access to education because they live in an unrecognized entity? How low have we sunk as a society to think that this is humane?

But forget about humanity. Suppose we do stop their degrees from being recognized. What do we achieve? Won't the Turkish Cypriots merely go to Turkey? Or use their Cyprus passports to study in the UK as European citizens, leaving the pseudo-universities to the mainland Turks?

Is anyone following this? Does this make any sense? Isn't education a responsibility of each community under our current constitution and isn't that a feature of any plan for a solution to the problem? And what kind of a signal are we sending out there, anyway? That we want to keep the Turkish Cypriots poor and uneducated? Do we really think that's going to fly in Brussels, in Helsinki, in Berlin, in Stockholm, in Paris?

Someone please help me.


Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

We dont think it's gonna fly.

But we dont care either.

We are in Europe, we gave them Europa, and they should be grateful.

Now jump up and down and do as we say.

Anyone who says otherwise is either a scheming traitor or an uneducated imbecile who cant get anything right.

Any other questions?

11 May, 2007 21:36  

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