May 02, 2007

Pelicans on a Trolley

Culture shock is not only a misnomer but totally wrong as well. Everything came back to Stravaraland by excessw baggage at a pretty decent rate, thanks to a voluptuous Carribean mama who was handing out excess fines at JFK as if they were koufettoues.

First stop: Vienna. Made a beeline for the cafe right across from the gate. Three double espressos and tons of sparkling water later (and just as I put out the last of my American Spirit Yellows) it was time to catch the Larnaca flight.

"Yes, ten pieces...large ones"., I said to the man pushing trolleys around at Larnaca Airport baggage claim. "Ou, Panayia mou!" was his response and so he decided to give me a helping hand, once he made sure that I understood his specific instructions not to look at the customs officer; "Just keep going and ignore him unless he says something".

The officer, who looked as if he's just eaten a couple of large suitcases and a loud taxi driver for lunch simply gazed as we hurried along oin our invisible cloaks. The trolley technician was happy as Christofias at a syllalitirio - "Yesss, we walked right by him!". A victorious moment and a triumphant return.

Thank you koumpare.


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