March 29, 2007

For the love of the game…

…for the love of football... Why is it that one cannot make a football day-out for the family in Stravaraland? If one can have no hesitation taking their 2 year old to watch Spurs-Chelsea in London, why should one not even have to consider taking the same 2-year old to an Omonoia-Apoel game?

The hesitation should really be coming from the vast difference in the quality of play on offer, but that is not the reason the Spurs-Chelsea game is preferred. The hesitation comes from the fear for the child’s safety, and I find it amazing that this fear is greater in Stravaraland than in North London! (I actually find even more amazing that no-one seems to really care about this basic observation).

Stravaralanders of the world, press your government to take corrective measures. Football, and its enjoyment among families, needs to be cultivated and then needs to be protected. In the process, the increased civility (whether by force or by example) that should arise from getting rid of all the thugs from football games, will spill over to the streets, to the idea that drunk people do not drive, to the idea that public property is as valuable as private property, to the idea that not caring for the public consequences of one's private actions is as bad as not caring about the consequences of one's action for their own selves.


Anonymous Psychia said...

"press your government to take corrective measures"


The government knows that all morality is out of hand in Stravaraland. It also knows the methods used by the British in order to completely abolish this type of behavior. But you know how every measure taken to abolish hooliganistic behavior in Stravaland was only taken for a few days, sometimes weeks, and none of those measures was completed, simply because it was done to shut 'pressing' people up, and not to truly try to change the mentality. But what can you expect from a government without ANY morals? The 'not caring' starts from the core.h

Μισές δουλειές για τους λάθος λόγους μια ζωή!

29 March, 2007 13:14  

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