March 22, 2007

Petitions for Stravaraland

The UK PM Office has a novel way of establishing demand for different policies. Anyone can start a petition on anything and set it up to be signed by different interested parties. If you go to this website and search for cyprus, you will find an interesting set of petitions that the UK PM no doubt loses lots of sleep over.
A search for "Cyprus" reveals the following results:

1. Act immediately to prevent Turkish admission to the EEC (53 signatures)

2. Direct flights to northern cyprus and pressure to end the embargo (102 signatures)

3. Force Turkey to give back Northern Cyprus to the Greeks and stop its colonialist ambitions elsewhere in the world (154 signatures)

4. Promote a lasting solution to the Cyprus problem based on the right of return of all refugees to their homes and the repatriation of illegal settlers. (754 signatures)

5. Act in accordance with Britain’s treaty obligations with the Republic of Cyprus and to take decisive action to prevent direct trade and direct flights between Britain and Turkish occupied Cyprus and to prevent the illegal sale and advertising of Greek Cypriot property to British nationals. (2282 signatures)

6. Oppose the recent application to the Civil Aviation Authority to permit direct flights between London and Ercan in Occupied Northern Cyprus (143 signatures)

7. Support the recent application to the UK Civil Aviation Authority for direct flights between London and Ercan airport in northern Cyprus. Nearly 3 years have passed since the referendum in which Turkish Cypriots voted in favour of the UN brokered comprehensive settlement, yet northern Cyprus remains isolated in spite of commitments from the UN, the EU, HM Government and the PM personally to end isolations. (7731 signatures)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed there is direct proportionality between the length of the petition text and the votes it got? Weird...

02 April, 2007 00:09  

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