March 21, 2007

Lost in Translation

TeePee: I call on Mr Talat to continue the συναντίληψη (common understanding) that our committees have reached.

(Apparent) Translation in Turkish for Mr Talat: I call on Mr Talat to continue the agreement that our committees have reached.

Talat: Our committees have never reached an agreement, since an agreement must be reached on all points, not only on some, to be defined as an agreement.

ChrisPash on RIK: The President never talked about agreement, the President talked about συναντίληψη (common(/same?) understanding).

Lost in Translation anyone? Or is it something deeper?


Anonymous Psychia said...

It's the politicians' favourite game!h

It's called "Playing with words".

21 March, 2007 17:37  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

Well, for three years after the referenda, there is no action, no talking, no will or wish to talk, no agreement, no common understanding, and now that Turkey has no interest to talk, no benefit to do anything, now that the Germans are by the gate with probable direct trade, the government decides that something needs to move.

It is actually probably not lost in translation...

It is actually probably lost somewhere between Berlin, Brussels, London and Washington DC....

21 March, 2007 20:24  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

Come to think of it, let me call the bus driver of the year, he will get us out of here...

21 March, 2007 21:11  

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