March 25, 2007

Εκθεσούλα της Χρονιάς

Πρώτο Βραβείο, Εκθεσούλα της Χρονιάς, Έκτης Δημοτικού

Και λίγη ανάλυση


Anonymous Mariampas said...

Not so fast. I smell a scandal here. You tell me that this child was given a 1st prize award??

"... Το 499 π.Χρ. ..." We have a rather striking spelling mistake here,, that is simply unaccceptable for a winning essay. A simple "π.Χ." would have been enough.

"Κάστρα της Μνήμης" The capitalization of common nouns is another striking mistake. One could argue that we are talking about a 12-year old child with no critical capacity, but still... a 1st prize? I note of course an intensification of this symptom in the phrase "Η ΝΕΑ ΤΟYRKOKATIA" which makes me very uneasy about the emotional state of this child.

"Ώσπου ήρθε η αγιότατη του έθνους απόφαση" The use of ancient syntax is quite impressive for such a young age, but is at odds with the rest of the style of the essay (i.e. ΕΛ.ΔΥ.Π. which i think, as i am sure you all do, is a rather delighful little word-play). Thus, a rather incoherent style runs through the whole essay, mixing what in my village call "αρχαιοπληξία" (this can be seen on the semantic level as well of course) with a devilish sort of humor that may not be quite up there with Monty Pythons, but i am sure it's one that Marcos Seferlis would be envious of.

The frequent use of citations is a rather obvious sign of an undeveloped critical thought and reliance on figures of authority. If we bring in Freus we could consider the matter of failure to "απογαλακτιστεί" or even yet an unresolved Oedipus complex.

It's good though that the child seems to be able to relate his topics with contemporary cultural activities (such as the 300 hundrer spartans).

Now if we were to be strict with the thmes the child uses, there seems to be an impression in his mind that there was actually a greek nation 2500 years ago, when all current research tends to regards nations as rather modern construction. I will not hold this against him though, since that this is a general opinion that around-liquids in the atmosphere (what in my village we call "περιρρέουσα ατμόσφαιρα"). It's rather soon to expect from this person to acheive a post-conventional moral attitude and be critical with the given truths of his environment. Mabe in 4-5 years when he is going through puberty.


Overall a decent effort, with some good points, but that is brought down by the weaknesses we spotted.A C+ should be enough. Don't you have any other essays for the 1st prize? Like "Why i love my mom" or "Summer in the village"?

25 March, 2007 14:15  
Anonymous m said...

so what's new?

25 March, 2007 15:35  
Blogger Aceras Anthropophorum said...

Παναΐα μου μα που εν που ζιούμεν!! ; Ποιά πολιτική παράταξη ετάισεν, επότησεν τζι ανάγιωσεν (τζαι άμαν τύχει αναγιώνει πάλε) έτσι κκελλάδες;

Μπορεί να κλαίμεν την μοίραν της κύπρου που εδιχοτομήθην μετά την μεγαλλήττερην ήτταν που υπέστην ο Κληρίδης, αλλά για να πούμεν τζαι την αλήθκειαν, τον τάφον του μόνος του τον εύκαλεν τζαι μαζύν τζαι της Κύπρου ούλλης. Απόδειξη, η μικρή εκθεσούλλα.

26 March, 2007 00:36  
Blogger drakouna said...

Μαγιά: ζυμομύκητας που χρησιμοποιείται ως βάση στις διάφορες ζυμώσεις (για την παρασκευή μπύρας, γάλακτος, τυρί κτλ).

Ok, apparently I am not part of the "μαγιά" of the έθνος.

26 March, 2007 09:13  
Anonymous Psychia said...

Το λινκ της ανάλυσης βγάζει το εξής:

Πρόβλημα στο Αρχείο
Η σελίδα δεν είναι διαθέσιμη

Κατά τ'άλλα από τη μια όλα περαστικά είναι, και από την άλλη, κάποια πράγματα δεν αλλάζουνε ποτέ!

26 March, 2007 15:29  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

Danke Schon for alerting us to the problem!

26 March, 2007 15:51  

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