March 23, 2007

Human Rights and the Cypriot Foreign Minister

We are informed today that the UN Secretary General has prepared a 6-page report outlining his worries about the violation of human rights on both sides of the divide. The response of Stravaraland's Foreign Minister has been predictable: get as many G/C together to voice their antipathy and opposition to the report.

Now, the report, for the G/C side, makes the following points that should be directly addressed, rather than organizing egg-throwing rants at Ledra Palace:

1) Education is a human right and as such cannot be denied to T/C through continued non-recognition of educational facilities and exchanges of students or participation in European programmes.

2) The increased incidents of violence against students (The English School incident) is not a welcome development. In particular, judicial action against the culprits has not yet been taken.

There are some other issues that affect both sides in the report but I want to focus on the above two. Maybe Stravaraland's Foreign Minister should focus on addressing these concerns with counterarguments, if there are any that can be convincing, rather than getting together all the G/C sufferers from human right violations to protest against the report and the continued violation of their rights...

The Foreign Minister should also be happy to note that the UN Secretary General has not included in his current report the incident between Takis and The Golden Dawn at Ledra Palace. More importantly, the UN Secretary General did not even mention the comments made by the Foreign Minister in response to those incidents. But given that the report is dated March 9th, we know what to expect when the next report gets written. So maybe the Foreign Minister should focus on addressing these concerns rather than organizing Great Egg-Throwing Parties Against The Foreign UN-US-UK-EU diplomats who SIMPLY DO NOT GET IT.


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