April 15, 2007

Media Whores

While the foot soldiers of Our Lord The Saviour have been hurling insults, pots and pans at each other and generally misbehaving in their monasteries, Stravaraland has been gripped by a renewed national fetish, involving Marios Matsakis and his bail jumping antics.

Besides the points he gains towards re-election to the European Parliament, the doctor's latest stunts also appeal to a deep seated recognition-related neurosis that has gripped the nation for decades.

His revolution goes by a simple formula: You get arrested and then tell the world that you're being detained by illegal entities. You then appear in pseudo-court, do the unspeakable by signing documents (a big no no for sufferers of recognitionitis) being polite enough while posting bail and then start ranting and raving once your on Holy National Territory.

This time the Matsakis show has pulled out all stops with the addition of special appearances by his charming son. The child has become a national icon thanks to the brainless among the mass media. And the stomping grounds are the tried-and-tested bases.

My question is why did Doctor Hero post bail the last time he was arrested? And did Matsakis not promise TeePee to behave himself in return for his MEP job? Weren't we all happy as clams before the Dr. rekindled his crusade? Why did Mega (hereby co-nominated for our Media Whore of the Year award) force Matsakis Jr. to go to the bank to withdraw funds with which to post bail? Aren't there laws against the exploitation of underaged children? Is the Doc on an accelerated form of hunger strike - I mean doesn't seeking medical attention within 24 hours constitute a bit of wimpishness? Does anyone have Jacqueline's 'phone number?


Anonymous eleni said...

noulli mu, i dunno if the good dr is an attention seeker(like the rest of them (or us)), but atleast he is doin something. I'm actually thinking of voting for him, just to keep him around the political scene (and secretly hoping he never gets elected as president). So yes, the whole thing got to me. Made me realize that i'm a total looser.. whining about my stupid thesis and my stupid small life all the time, while other crazy ppl out there actually do something for this country.

ok, now i'm going back to my stupid thesis. Cheers and keep blogging cause u do it so well!

15 April, 2007 13:15  
Blogger Demetris said...

@eleni: Ou stravara mou!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your sense of humour got seriously distorted by writing a thesis.
What kind of a joke is the above? Ts, ts, ts.

@noullis: what is with J's surname - any idea?

16 April, 2007 04:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heck, he apparently was moving up and down in the helicopter and had to be restrained - bet he wanted to bring it down even by sacrificing his own life.

Ladies and gents, Matsakis is the reincarnation of Gr. Afxentiou.

16 April, 2007 17:38  
Blogger zappa said...

wow did anything actually happen? I thought the last antics of the last king of stravaraland had to do with kamikaze missions against flag poles on the green line and their aftermath in the pseudo courts

17 April, 2007 00:32  

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