May 11, 2007

Back to the Drawing Board

I was running around from telephone to telephone to vote for DJ Bobo last night while the dog kept sending SMS appeals for even more votes for Switzerland.

And throughout my frenzied voting marathon I thought the French would help us, thanks to Georges des Lilliques' initiative to have Stravaraland join the Francophone block. Blockheads, more like it. Where the hell were the frogs? Why were they not on the phone voting for their latest defence partner? Why, Delilah, why??

And our Eurovision semi-final battle in Finland was lost and even my buddy DJ Bobo was left out of the finals. OK, so Evridiki may have seemed a bit aggressive and the windmachine may well have gone berserk. So, maybe her threads looked a bit ike a maternity dress. So bloody what? I for one was very turned on by Evridiki. In a respectful way, of course.

Hey, where were the London Cypriots, where were the Newcastle Cypriots, where were the Norwich Cypriots. Re Apodime, did you at least vote for Evridiki?

And then it started raining. We're talking raindrops as big as a Karpas donkey's testicles.

But besides Evridiki's dress, our sad cloud also has a silver lining in the form of blanket media coverage. Greek TV was wall to wall shock and horror over Stravaraland's brave battle and unfair loss.

No one mentioned Stravaraland being punished for the outcome of the infamous referendum or the Annan plan. Not yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strav'land, you seem to be missing the nil point...The choice of the French lingua was apparently Everydickys. CyBC tagged along on the 'starlets' insistence - just like they went a long a couple of years ago with Kochos steaming broken English proclaimation 'I am the king of the night baby'. We need a mass souvlafest style protest outside CyBC - that way we can smoke out all the corruption and bless next year's entrant in fine Cyprocentric style...

20 May, 2007 22:02  

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