March 07, 2007

Why did Marcos speak out?

The interview by Marcos Kyprianou 3 weeks ago generated a lot of interest because it was a diplomatic attack on the way the current government is being viewed within the EU (and all that this might imply in the future).

There were a number of interpretations of this intervention. Maybe Marcos is frustrated from being isolated from the Cypriot political scene by TeePee, maybe he is frustrated because he is losing the succession struggle to Lillikas, maybe he has lost it. My favourite explanation is that Marcos sees dark clouds forming very rapidly ahead and wants to separate his position from the coming storm, at least by pointing it out before it breaks.

What might happen that is so bad? Well, Ercan might open up legally and squarely, even if the government takes the proposed opening to direct flights to court. Without the government getting anything in return. Such an outcome will be a shock to the system that any politician would actually want to distance themselves from. Even the 2004 "patriots" would want to distance themselves from such an outcome. In fact, especially those "patriots" would want to do that. Now with such a state of events, should there by any surprise that Marcos wants to distance himself from the coming developments?

Time will tell whether the above is correct or not...


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