March 01, 2007

Read All About It

The most important news event of the week (or perhaps the year, so far) may well have gone unnoticed, despite its far reaching implications in the world of news. On Tuesday, the official news agencies of Cyprus and Bulgaria signed a co-operation pact.

The accompanying story should be read, admired, printed out and framed for posterity.

The gravity of this vital and significant agreement was reflected by Stravaraland's new agency running 15 pictures of the alliance. Yes, 15 of the 18 photographs disseminated by CNA on the day was wall-to-wall handshakes, visits and signatures, while Tommy 2.0 and Jimmy the Sheftali's get together only seems to have warranted 2 snapshots on Wednesday. I wonder if those two put more pictures of their own up on flick'r?

And what (for the sake of argument, of course) did they run on Wednesday, you may well ask. What could possibly have topped the pact between two colossal new agencies? Who could possibly follow that act?

Well, Georges Lillique, of course, who on Wednesday announced yet another global alliance. Of course this one was supposedly an alliance that had already been forged some time before TeePee went to Paris, but it's never a bad idea to repackage preposterous crap from time to time. Beats the hell out of lying in public, doesn't it?

And the last non-story related news story: The Times ran this piece regarding the impending oil row in the region, a reinterpretation of which also appeared on the Cypro-Bulgarian Friendship and Propaganda Association's site.


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