February 20, 2007

Kyprianou's Third Reason

Andros Kyprianou, AKEL Press Sec, has thought of a third reason why Stravaraland should not introduce the euro in 2008 (but rather wait until 2009). The reason, which apparently is also why Democratic Rally supports the euro, comes from the fact that introducing the euro "serves the Interests of Big Capital". Now, it is not clear what the interests of Big Capital exactly are and how they will be served by the change in currency from pounds to euros. It is also not clear whether the various AKEL companies are included in Big Capital, or can somehow be left outside this club. It is also not clear whether the interests of Big Capital will suddenly cease to be served by the introduction of the euro in 2009 (rather than in 2008). As always, and knowing that we will not be disappointed, we are eagerly waiting for the next profound argument with excitement that can barely be suppressed...


Anonymous illantros said...

Jimmy Sheftali (aka Christofias) offered a fourth reason the other day. We succeeded in bringing the deficit down to 1.3%, he said. Why can't we give money to the people? Do we have to bring it down to zero so that the guys who come after us get to hand out the cash?

20 February, 2007 20:29  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

Now we are talking. That is a perfectly legitimate, populist reason that can get one elected. Little does he know though, that once the decision on the euro is made in June, TeePee can still come around in December and throw a big 14th salary party for all the residents of Stravaraland (it is called an extra special budget). Make no mistake about it. TeePee will do it (for only the poor, old citizens of the land and he might even be right to do it), the problem for Jimmy will be that he will have to wait for another 5 years before trying to do that himself...The tragedy of the man...

20 February, 2007 22:40  

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