February 21, 2007

We're All in it Together

Tommy 2.0 sits proud and vigilant. Each waking moment is accompanied by the fervent patriotic mantra (albeit uttered in foreign) of No Pasaran. No, the evil foreigners will not be allowed to mess with bank ownership while Stravaraland is under occupation. But perhaps I digress.

The picture, above, is from a new reality/quiz show as the first celebrity lookalike contestants await the tie-breaking question for the grand prize. I forget what the programme is called as I inadvertently threw away the accompanying press release.


Anonymous m said...

I just heard on the radio while coming to work this morning, that his holiness is planning on building schools in order to teach the Greek language properly (or whatever the reason... something about Greek not being lost). Classes will also include seminars: "how to win an election with 10% of votes" and "how to invest in order keep the market purely Greek and Orthodox".

21 February, 2007 08:13  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

I thought you were joking, but it seems The Secret Schools are coming...

21 February, 2007 08:37  
Blogger the Idiot Mouflon said...

"...I forget what the programme is called..."

Here it goes...



21 February, 2007 16:41  

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