February 28, 2007

CYTA and Kremmos

If any one of you ever doubted that there was always a big brother watching you, now there is no doubt. Stavros Kremmos, in offering to resign over the sale of telephone messages from within CYTA to whoever bid the right price, told us that CYTA cannot fire the people who are responsible because "hundreds of people have access to this information in CYTA and if they were fired, then we could not use CYTA either in fixed or in mobile lines".

Can you believe this? He is admitting there were no controls, anyone could do whatever they wanted....

It is like me a few years back when a friend said: "I see you went to a nice hotel over the weekend". I turn around in surprise and he says something like "What? You dont think we take a peak on your credit card bill?"

Well, something analogous at CYTA, but with the profit motive in place...


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