March 02, 2007

To Let them Cross, Or Not?

Increasingly, many Greek Cypriots are expressing the view that many have had since April 2003; namely that no crossings should be open without a complete solution of Das Problem. The latest twist to this (without explicitly mentioning the closing of crossings, but quite strongly alluding to that) involves the issue of tourists to The Other Side, straight from Larnaca airport. Or the increasing number of tourists that view The Other Side as an interesting place to visit. So, off the buses go from Ayia Napa to Bellapais and St Hilarion instead of Lefkara and Omodos (is there any comparison between the choice?)

Now, all these Greek Cypriots who support closing the crossing points also happen to be the strongest supporters of TeePee in his attempt to prevent Turkish Cypriots from having any direct links with the EU, so as not to run the risk of any future political recognition.

But if you close the crossings, would that not be the best way for the Turkish Cypriots to land [excuse the pun] direct flights into Ercan from anywhere else in the world? And would that not be the best way for the political upgrading that the Turkish Cypriots crave so badly?

And if one were to predict, would one not predict that some genius would eventually make sure that the T/C could argue to the unbiased: "Look, we cannot use the crossings under these conditions. We bring our tourists through there and they pelt them with eggs and rocks. Not nice for our customers, and we told you this will happen, ages ago". And would that not be the last straw in the argument, and would that not inevitably lead to Ercan opening to the rest of the world within the next 5 years?

Time will tell...


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