March 09, 2007

It's [a] personal [decision]

The setting: Strakka Estate, Stravaraland
The characters: Tee Pee, Kokos (conducting telephone conversation)

The 'phone conversation':

TeePee: "Re Koko, do you still have that bulldozer we used for digging olive ditches at the farm?"

Kokos: "Ahh, you mean for 'operation organic Akritas'?"

TeePee [snaps at Kokos]: "Malaka! I told you not to mention that again or that's the last time we drink Blue Label from the same bottle!"

Kokos [beads of sweat appearing on his brow]: "Sorry, boss... no, the bulldozer is rented out for a couple of weeks. You need it again?"

TeePee: "Duh! No, I was going to get your opinion on a JCB I was going to buy, re touvlo!! Yes, I need one - down at the bottom of Ledra Street"

Kokos:"Ledra Street, are you serious? Aren't there a bunch of landmines down there? Boss, are you trying to kill me"

TeePee [wonders whether it's time to start delegating instead of having to deal with half-wits]:"Landmines, my ass. Don't you remember the song and dance made by the UN guy about the last mines being removed?"

Kokos [by now, sweating profusely]:"But, boss, please, the place is crawling with turkish soldiers...there are buildings about to collapse, it's a constant reminder of the occupation of Stravaraland..."

TeePee:"listen up, you idiot, I'm going to be in Brussels in two weeks time and I have a funny feeling I'm going to need that fucking bulldozer, Entaksi?"
TeePee hangs up the 'phone and for a split second actually considers putting the revolver to his own temple. Just in time, however, he notices a half-empty bottle of Johny Walker Blue Label out of the corner of his eye. He returns the revolver to the drawer and grabs a tumbler.



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He was.

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