October 07, 2006

Show Me the Money, Baby

Lazaros A Mavros, giving due credit to C. Mavrides, - an academic teaching at NoWhere University and DIKO candidate in the last parliamentary elections - points out in Simerini's October 6th issue that it is a bit strange that Politis and Alithia have made such a big song and dance over the £50,000 the President (nice one, TeePee) gladly took from Watford Petroleum on the very day that the Annan Files have been opened in Parliament.

The Annan Files, you see, will eventually expose the scumbags who took UNOPS money to support the treacherous plan, which, instead of truly uniting the blind and the free would have handed over the blind to the Turks for free. Ask Zaharias Koulias (that poster boy for the abolition of democracy) who is convinced that Stravaraland would have become a Turkish protectorate, left without a voice in the EU and robbed of a decent chance of setting the record straight regarding Turkey. For further verification please refer to Nicholas TassPee - a.k.a. The Kid.

And as Politis and Alithia have a lot to fear from the damning outcome of the Annan Files investigation, they obviously needed to resort to diversionary tactics...

It is as if Politis were on the USAID payroll and, once caught red handed, tries to skirt the issue by shouting: "Aaaa, malaaakes, you just wait till you get caught taking dirty money,...". After all, the crude propaganda has long insisted that all foreign money - especially the AngloAmerican flavour - is, by definition, dirty.

Now, Mavrides is a curious case. Having never published an academic paper in his life, he has managed to intermittently teach at university level years here and there while still finding the time to enlighten the inmates of the motherland. He then took a leap into the business world around 2000 and managed to end end up in court with his boss, NKS. Ironically, Politis was the only newspaper that supported the guy! This, in turn, led to NKS pulling its advertising from Politis, a policy that may well stand to this day.

Mavrides, now out of academe, unemployed and in and out of court with NKS, had to find something to do. So what do most local losers end up doing? Although not every politicians is a loser, all losers do try, and many succeed, in becoming politicians in Stravaraland.

You guessed right. This failure of a man became a combination of Venizelos wannabe and with a touch of Robin Hood thrown in for good measure. Not only did he explain to parliament how so many profited while the stock market fiasco reached its bubble crescendo (wouldn't you like to see his trading account?), he became DIKO consiglere and even made it as far as becoming a parliamentary candidate.

Moreover, Mavrides is a regular fixture on the Lazaros A Mavros show, imparting his wisdom in the hope that all of us, his blind and misguided brethren may one day see the light...


Anonymous m said...

My dear misguided brother,
have you not seen the light yet!? The light that Koullias (and I bet your friend Mavrides) are trying to make you see? UNOPS is an organization paid by Americans to support secret plans that will overthrow the government and make all Greek Cypriots slaves in Anatolia. This is also to protect us from a Martian invasion of little green men, who have signed a secret agreement with Turkey to get rid of the most powerful country on the planet earth - τον ομφαλόν της γης! - Cyprus!

07 October, 2006 14:27  
Blogger Giorgio said...

If the $100k was given to the opposition, then it would have been "Aaaaaa the imperialists are mendling with our poor country, they want to destroy us, they traitors who got the money must commit suicide, blah blah blah", however, in this case it's more like "ate olav tze esi, pevnvta shiliaes lire, oute mersevtes ev gorazeis... ev yia to kalo mas pou to edokav..."

09 October, 2006 08:58  
Blogger Giorgio said...

Ma o Mavridis ev toutos pou egrapsev article sto Philelefthero tote yia tov Afxentiv Afxentiou the moment Afxentis' wife is the major shareholder of the newspaper... and Mavridis was also employeed by NKS opotav epiav o Afxentis tilefovo to Shiakola tze assiktirise to Mavridi... what a cheesball...

09 October, 2006 09:11  
Blogger drakouna said...

In the same line of thought, we can also accuse the Παφίτες for selling their homeland χωραφούθκια (literally) to foreigners and accepting money in return, therefore χρηματίζονται και αυτοι από τους ξένους!!!

09 October, 2006 12:29  

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