September 24, 2006

Save the Psycho[s]

TeePee, great and infallible leader that he is, could not leave unanswered the calls by the Union of Journalists (ESK) that, basically, the freedom of press ought to be be respected by all, including the Presidency. On his return from the long journey, he accused Stravaraland's reporters of imposing “psychological blackmail” on him.

This from the man who started a witch-hunt against anyone daring to disagree with him by duly branding them as traitors. And now, he is under psychological pressure by what was clearly a failure in anger management and cover up an unpleasant event. After all, some are easier to cover than others - remember Vodafone-Telsim-CYTA anyone?

I suggest that Dr Mikellides should be recruited and accompany the President on his travels. Moreover, a new avenue linking Strakka and Pyrga should be built, so that Dr Mikellides can have speedy access to the President and deal with all his … needs.

I have made my point, but would like to stress what an interesting event this has been. Not all reporters (or relatives) agreed with the ESK lambasting the Presidential attitude to free press. Lazaros A Mavros, the living conscience of the EOKA spirit, was quicker than ESK to emphasise that all this stuff that gets reported was unknown to him (Den gnwrizei i stili") thus justifying the President in accusing journalists of unprofessionalism ("Gnwrizei i stili monon oti o Klokkaris ponei ta zinishia tou").

The other reporter to support this thesis was Haravgi’s Androulla Giourof. The President was right and everyone else lives in Alice’s Wonderland (or maybe pre-1989 Bulgaria?). I suppose that TeePee's statement that “4-5 journalists, self-proclaimed political analysts, come up with [untrue] stories” do not apply to these two buffoons, who must have a superior grip on reality and ethics. They do not live in Wonderland and are nothing less than lights from the extreme right and extreme left, respectively, guiding us in case we ever lose our way…

So, Dear Mr. Pashiardi, drop whatever it is you're doing and get the good doctor on the phone. He may actually do a group deal if Giourof and Mavros are included in a package. After all, these two groupies can always be relied upon to hold TeePee's psychologically battered hand during stressful times.


Blogger stravoxylo said...

Lazaros Mavros "the living conscience of the EOKA spirit?"

I'd love to see the EOKA Fighters' Associations' position on that one.

25 September, 2006 18:17  
Blogger michaella said...

As a future journalist, I have to tell dear Tassos, that I actually have been to university, and have actually been taught how to approach things, and I do not expect or accept lessons from people out of the industry, who have no clue on the subject. I just hope that by the time I decide to return to Stravaraland permanently, the two “sinadelfoi” mentioned above will retire!

26 September, 2006 14:19  
Blogger Giorgio said...

Koumpare Noulln, ma yiati avakatosete ta gerima ta telettubies me to kavlavtov to TeePee, tov xaskasmievo to Lazaro Mabro tze tiv Avtroulla whatever her last name is? Ti efteksav sior ta teletubies pou e8orev o gios mou pou ntav moro stnv tnleorasn tze epvazamev tze emeis vakkov?

26 September, 2006 23:58  
Blogger Noullis said...

Shhh, they're actually a disguised team of snipers, Giorgio.

27 September, 2006 04:42  

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