September 21, 2006

Stravara Mas

Civil Registry and Migration Director Anny Shakalli yesterday defended her decision to go ahead with the deportation of a 40-year-old Russian woman and her three children, despite a strong public outcry that the judgment had been too harsh and the handling of the case inhumane.
“The family were in Cyprus illegally and I stand by my decision. Even the Supreme Court upheld my decision, so who am I to question it?”
Vera Yudina and her children aged 16, 11 and 10 were deported back to Russia yesterday, despite having lived in Limassol for the past 13 years.

It is absolutely amazing that when it comes to looking for a European solution and our human rights we are always first to scream until we're blue in he face.

Yet even the European laws that should have been implemented on May 1, 2004 (at least as a precursor of our imminent European vindication) are still somehow beyond implementation.

I do not fault Shakalli for following the current rules of the land, but I do fault the Members of Parliament who, 2 and a half years after officially being part of the EU, have not ratified the laws that we should be bound by.

Is it so difficult to accept that someone who has been in Stravaraland for 5 years ought to be automatically treated as a local?

Is it so difficult to accept that someone born in Stravaraland should get a local passport (for better or worse - probably for worse if you ask him 18 years later)? Absolutely amazing...


Blogger michaella said...

If there was a list of most hated Cypriots of all time, Shakalli will be in it definitely. Even after all the attack she receives from the media, she continues to ignore the ombudswoman’s mandates and just acts out of pure evil. Τον τζαιρό που η βουλή εψήφιζε τους τίτλους των νομοθεσιών χωρίς περιεχόμενο, εμείς εκάμναμε χαρούες ότι εμπήκαμε πρώτοι στην Ευρώπη τζαι εναρμονιστήκαμε με το κεκτημένο. Τωρά που εννα μας θκιώξουν τζαι πρώτους όμως, εννα γυρεύκουμε το λάθος

21 September, 2006 23:50  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

I dont think it is her fault actually. It is a classic case of either "follow the rules or dont follow the rules", there is a footbal term that Da Professor uses "tziepse ton" when he does not want the ref to follow the rules, something like that. Parliament seems not to have passed the relevant law and Shakalli is just following the rules. In fact, that is what you hope people will learn to do in stravaraland, you need institutions, not the goodwill of some long-distant friend or relative to get things done. Back to the point, I suspect that they have not passed these laws because they are afraid of the thousands of people who have been born on the other side. Are they then Cypriots if EU law must hold on the other side too? It must be some fear of baptizing thousands of illegal immigrants on either side of the divide that generates this behavior. Of course, as always, nobody really tells you anything, nobody explains why EU law has not been passed or implemented and everyone just looks forward for the Anorthosi - Omonoia game and our great leader's new attacks once he lands at Larnaca airport plus his younger son's defense of the great leader's struggles so that we all be free....

22 September, 2006 13:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michaella, I would agree. La Siakalli is the most evil woman (person!) on the plantation. Does anyone know what drives such malice? Did she get booted out from the US or UK after her studies? There has got be a really got reason for such misanthropy. (Well, one would really hope that there is a good reason! Someday St Peter is going to ask her about her motives! She had better have a blinder of an excuse.)

But what gets me the most is the fact that she was able to get away with a direct violation of a Supreme Court ruling last year that said that although the law was not yet in force Cyprus had the duty to abide by the spirit of the new directive and not kick people out to beat the dealine. (To respond to your point, Apodimos.) The fact that she just ignored this - and faced absolutely no consequences - defies belief!

Or does it...

22 September, 2006 15:04  
Blogger michaella said...

actually the european rule only applies to people who have entered the country LEGALLY. settlers from turkey came in without the government's permission, so they can not use this legislation to their benefits. slav cabaret dancers on the other hand may, so they wont have to go to Aradippou town hall and pay the man to marry them. its a very good law for them

22 September, 2006 21:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This seems to me to be typical 3rd world behaviour, and you're right to cite racism indirectly by choosing the image that accompanies the piece.

This woman ought to be fired on the spot for her callous behavious.

Another frustrated civil servant reptile with venom running through its veins.

23 September, 2006 11:48  
Blogger michaella said...

And if I may point out, she should change her hair colour immediately!

23 September, 2006 12:29  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

yes, the european law does apply to people who entered a country legally.

A child that was born in 1990 in Kyrenia to illegal aliens, this alien child, in 2005, 2010 or 2015, do you think it can be deported to any country in the world? Let's not walk the fair or human rights path. Where is this person going to be sent? Which country will accept this person as their own? Illegal alien that he or she is, this person can be sent to fetch ET or stay with ET, but sorry this person is more likely to be considered cypriot by that time, than yours truly, kypreos en apodimia...

25 September, 2006 22:58  
Blogger zappa said...

1) There is a gap in Cyprus legislation, when it comes to imigration. Immigrants legaly come to Cyprus on contracts, signed by the Ministry of Interior. In the contracts there is a cheque of 200-500 pounds (depending on the immigrants nationality) that is given to the state by the employer, for "deportation costs".
And all that because there is absolutely NO legislation for immigration in Cyprus. What happened was that the ministry of interior gave a law to the parliament, back in 2004, but the parliament sent it back because it did not comprise with the EU directives given. Since then the Ministry has been doing absolutely nothing, so the old status remains. Furthermore, they keep ignoring the EU, wich pressurises the government to create a law that gives permement residence permits to foreigners working legally in its member states for five years. What it does instead, is sendinng the police to the homes of migrant workers, and terrorising them, in order to leave their jobs, and go back home, to apply for another contract. If that does not work, the police goes to the employers of the immigrants that are reaching their fidth year of legal stay in Cyprus, and blackmail them to fire their workers (so that the police can deport them). Usually they threaten those businessmen, with their businesses being blacklisted.Furthermore, the ministry now hands out only 4 year permits. Me tetoies malaganies (mhn pw alhteies) to kypriako kratos prospa8ei na trenarei to na perasei thn nomo8esia ths ee. Furthermore, this forces a lot of immigrants to apply for asylum, wich causes one more problem to asylum seekers, because it arms the ministry with the erguement that 99% of the asylum seekers are economic immigrants. En oligois, to ypourgeio anti na koitaei ta xalia toy, rixnei thn plhrh ey8ynh se aytous tous dysmoirous, pou oudwlws ftaine gia to gegonos oti oi kyprioi politikoi einai teleiws aney8ynoi, asxetoi, hli8ioi, kai sterountai ths opoias politikhs-ideologikh paideias`
nuff said

03 October, 2006 18:10  

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