September 13, 2006

Grow Up!

The tragedy that befell our country 13 months ago is not something to be taken lightly by anyone. This is implicit and respected by most. As heated and as irrationally behaved a crowd of mourning relatives of the Helios disaster victims may have gotten outside the House of Representatives, some people simply must realise that there is a time, a place and a manner in which to speak out.

So, Stravaraland minister of (among other things) transportation, I feel you behaved in a totally inapropriate manner on Tuesday.

So they got in your limousines's way for a few minutes and vented their anger. Who the fuck do you think you are, trying to turn things around and make it all about you, you, you - you callous, incompetent fool?

So, it's a bit unpleasant being shouted at. So, maybe it's not nice to be picked on by a mob. Has is it ever occured to you that maybe losing relatives in a calamity is also not a pleasant experience, or did someone piss a bit too much in your ear the last time your brains were on fire?

Do you think you're asserting yourself and that miplsaced sense of authority you were handed by making veiled threats against the people who took the unfortunate (and irresponsible) step of making 'phone threats?

Are your brain cells not talking to each other, like a couple who don't even remember (sic) what the argument was about in the first place? Is that why you were unable to take two simple steps in trying to deal with the anguish of the people who stopped your shiny little Merc - as misguided as the action may have been?

If you had testicular attachments you would have gotten out of the car and faced these people. It's easier said than done, granted, but a bit of effort could, and would, have disarmed and calmed them. You walk towards grief and anger and not sit in your shiny taxpayermobile being all in-charege, ministerial and full of mastros-mastrappas self-import.

It's not like a relationship, it is one; in this case it is the bereaved who are looking to you for answers. So their manners leave a bit to be desired. And what did you gain by wearing that pathetic facsimile of a God of Thunder expression on your ministerial face as you made your flurry of half-witted announcements to inform the world that, among other things, you've alerted the police to the threatening 'phone calls, almost none of your [immediate] relatives are Libra shareholders, the government will keep its promise of ensuring that justice is served and that you are saddened by the sight of a mob?

Putting things in perspective, empathising and taking the first necessary step when things go to hell has never belittled a man but rather, defined him as one.


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