September 06, 2006


Believe it or not that lovely, soft-spoken spokesman up at the presidential castle was silent on the outcome of the Orams' appeal at the High Court in London today. His reaction was the predictable Stravaraland government ploy of "we will comment once we have studied the court's ruling". What, exactly do you need to study, re gamwto?

The decision merely states that seeing as the acquis communautaire cannot be imposed in the pseudonorth (as per Protocol 10 of the Accession Treaty 2003), there is jack shit European courts can do about the case.

Of course, the official line of propaganda has already been passed on to the local media in the form of a quote from Apostolides' lawyer where he more or less says, "yeah, but the court did mention illegality..."

Well, whoopee doodie!

Mr. Candounas, the lawyer representing Mr. Apostolides on whose family's property the Orams built their villa in Lapithos, also mentioned such staples as "justice will prevail in the's not over yet.." and other comments of this ilk.

As a friend remarked: It's amazing that the various refugee organisations are not already up at the presidential palace to lynch the current occupant.

Needless to say The [pending, yet nowhere to be seen] European Solution will, in the future, prevent such legal anomalies as the decision handed down by Mr Justice Jack.

In the meantime, however the court has ordered Mr Apostolides to fork over 75% of the Orams' £863,000 costs, with an interim payment of £150,000 - although £75,000 of that will be stayed, pending appeal.

So, how long will it take your boss to study that court ruling, re Pashiardi? It's OK, no hurry, we're in it for the long haul.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait my friend and see. You never know what happens in Court cases. Maybe the appeal will be beneficial for the Cypriot cause.

By the way did you find the text of today's case? If yes could you give me a link?

06 September, 2006 19:28  
Blogger Noullis said...

Sure, I'll wait. Do you think another 30 years would be enough, or will the European Solution arrive earlier?

As for what happens in court cases...let's try and focus on what has already happened in a decision today. It would seem to me that Protocol 10 (Accession Agreement 2003) basically keeps our legal aspirations out of the [so-called] North.

And what happened today should make it easier for people to buy whatever they want in the North. Property, baklava, icons and pseudofish at restaurants.

Not a very good day for the 'Cyprus Cause'.

06 September, 2006 20:10  
Anonymous m said...

In the words of Koullias the magnificent: "The Greeks waited 400 years, are we going to stop at 30?" This was for the "Cyprus Problem" - where the problem actually lies is a long story - but I am sure the time it takes them to "study" this will be proportional.

07 September, 2006 08:27  

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