August 31, 2006

So-Called Victory

It’s bad enough to realise Stravaraland is governed by imbeciles without being reminded of more worrying aspects to the place. We have the fearless leader of the environmental movement driving around in an SUV, 3 out of almost 300 candidates for the post of sargeant in the police force only passing their exams thanks to some deft cheating and the European Solution being misplaced by the post office.

However, from time to time we do have a victory, albeit in the form of isolated incidents and usually by default. I say by default, as these isolated (or so-called isolated) victories are usually the result of someone else’s stupidity. It’s called blind luck and all we can do is to blow these out of proportion.

But, hey, the merits of comfort food are not necessarily based on nutritional values.

Our biggest victory since The Great Patriotic Refrendum comes to us courtesy of someone in Turkey deciding to let Mehmet Ali Talat give out a Formula 1 trophy, after being introduced to tens of millions of viewers the world over as the prez of the Turkish Republic of Northern Stravarland. FIA, the organisers seem to be aghast. And so they should be, as a result of this pathetic stunt.

And the murmurs are all about Turkey losing that event in next year’s calendar.

What’s more pathetic is the fact that this is all it takes for us to score a victory. Someone else’s idiocy, followed by the taste of (perceived) potential victory. And again, we lose all sense of proportion and perspective. It’s a given.

Why is it that no one can use this to our own benefit? Tell the FIA that we’ll let this slide if we can get the Cyprus Rally back on the WRC Calendar for next year. It’s that simple. Unless, of course, we fear that millions of people the world over have de facto recognised the pseudonorth, while we sadly await the day Turkey recognises Stravaraland.

So, give FIA a buzz (or get someone who knows someone at the Federation) and make it happen instead of having goofballs like Georges Lillique and the spokesman at the Presidential mantra (the one designed for sheep – not an oriental chant) giving us a load of bull about peacekeepers in Lebanon. We’re sending 2 officers… my ass!


Anonymous m said...

We are a proud people! We do not need to get anything, all we care about is the ethics of the matter at hand. HAve you not realised? We are not about the big cars, the villas, or the mass amounts of food. Nor do we really want a solution to the "cyprus problem", all we care about is that we are the ones that are "right"...

31 August, 2006 12:38  

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