September 06, 2006

Hands Off Spyro

Who the hell do these Google people think they are? In the latest conspiracy against people of Stravaraland, this Internet behemoth has started what, to the untrained eye, may seem like a good idea.

The Google New Archive is up and running. Go ahead and help yourself to over 200 years' worth of news and press releases. Sounds fair enough, right? Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong!

As you may have already gathered, the bulk of material available will be available for a fee to the respective 'owners'. So, when I searched for Spyros Kyprianou I was horrified to find that the various media co-operating with Google are nothing less than a bunch of bandits. Hell, an obituary published by M2 Presswire will set you back $9.95.

What is the government going to do about this blatant case of foreigners trying to sell a precious Cyprus icon on the web?

How dare these barbarians make money off the back of a National Treasure: Our precious Spyro?

Upon Google News Archive we hereby bestow our Ftou award.


Anonymous m said...

Most American newspapers charge for archives... and very few cypriot newspapers have good archives (although I don't think any co-operate with Google!). In any case, in the States the library system is much better than Cyprus, so you can probably find anything you want.

06 September, 2006 16:00  
Blogger Noullis said...

I insist! Spyraklas is not for sale.

I suppose the fact that libraries in Cyprus are so poor is how all those who've opened bookshops have become millionaires. Just Kiddin'

Diabazw: Study, read. No diff?

06 September, 2006 19:25  
Blogger drakouna said...

The real question is, why would ANYONE pay $9.95 to read ANYTHING about Spyros Kyprianou??

07 September, 2006 08:21  
Blogger Noullis said...

I don't know about reading anything about him but I would give $1,000,000 to have him back in charge.

07 September, 2006 22:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spiro mou Spiro mou.... tze exasav me se. Life would never be the same without you. Ev eshi poiov apagwges, evkefalous, sivomosies... ti skata exoume twra. No fun re gamoto, just boring dick faced politicians. Mia fora sto radio priv 20 xrovia erotnse kapoios kati pou se eveuriase tze laleis tou "Prota ap'ola poios ev pov toutos o Kyrios???" se mia alln fasn laleis "Ti allo 8elete... ev pervoume kala???"
Mana mou, mana mou... kako pou mas ibre, exasame to xaziv.

12 September, 2006 08:49  

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