September 06, 2006

Meletis Apostolides o Prosfygas

Meletis means "studious" in Greek. It also happens to be the name of the first Greek Cypriot refugee in Stravaraland, who, in pursuit of a European Solution, post-2004, teamed up with lawyer Constantinos Kandounas (mayor of occupied, jewel of the [currently] pseudo - north, city formerly known as Kyrenia), to sue the Orams' for buying the plot of land for which Meletis has title deeds but was forced out of after the 1974 Turkish invasion (OK intervention if you are pseudo-live in 'northern' Stravaraland).

The Orams had built themselves a nice little villa with their £160,000 nest egg on said [current]pseudo plot (of land-not daktylos) and all was lovely jubbly the pseudoparadise. Now, based on the renowned fighting spirit of the Cypriot legal profession, the political ambitions of his crafty lawyer, and the frustration of being honoured as a refugee in his own land for 30 years, studious Meletis decided to sue the Orams for usurping his property. Moreover, based on the pending European Solution, (as promised by the patriotic parties of Stravaraland), had the Orams not complied with the local court's verdict, Meletis could get access to the Orams' property in Surrey to compensate for his own loss.

You can imagine the political repercussions. A test case for European norms, for the morality and legality of Stravaraland's cause in 2006, for the 200,000 refugees getting ready to start a class action suit and what have you. Force the Orams out and the [illegal, so-called etc.]PseudoNortH cannot go it alone but has to come back to everyone's fave sugardaddy - TeePee Da Man.

Imagine, also, the economic consequences. No more villas in the [pseudo]n0rth, perpetual property rights insecurity and let them southern boyz and galz point out how lazy the pseudoNorthenerz are - they who merely squander Paradise Lost. No more selling of a villa in Pafos to buy a couple in [so-called]Girne. No way, Memet - you ain't gonna violate my human rights no more!

Yet, the indefatigable legal profession, the politicians and the like suddenly cannot even acknowledge the enormity of the decision of September 6, 2006. Stravaraland state radio talks about appealing, yet does not spell out the decision. "Is it possible that we can appeal a decision that hasn't even been made?" our good foreign readers might wonder. Well, when it comes to rights and wrongs, it does depend really, it's all in the eye of the beholder. But I digress...

A decision was reached, despite the good natured attempts of the local Tass agency to ignore the gravity of the verdict. To remind our kind readers: "Their counsel, Cherie Booth QC, had argued that the case raised a matter of fundamental importance for people who lived in the Turkish-controlled region in relation to property dealings. Mr Justice Jack's ruling that a judgement obtained against the retired couple in Nicosia was not enforceable in the English courts followed a four-day hearing at the High Court in London in July. The judge gave Mr Apostolides, who was not in court, permission to appeal. He also ordered that he should pay 75% of the Orams' £863,000 costs, with an interim payment of £150,000 - although £75,000 of that will be stayed, pending appeal. The remaining £75,000 has to be paid within 28 days."

Now where is Mr Meletis going to find £75,000? And if he is not willing to pay the money, should the Orams' sue for all his assets in Stravaraland? What has this world come to? We all know Mr Blair has political troubles but to find an innocent refugee and let him have it like that, I tell you this is simply heartless.

There is no justice in this world, it is like Marcos playing against Agassian and 23,000 New Yorkers are all up in arms against him. Not fair, not fair...

Apodimos Kypreos,
September 6, 2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Apodyme Kypree, en tis papathkias ta xyla tora ?.

Meletis as his name states studied his case and the thruth has risen.

Stravaraland now has to be able to open its eyes but I am afraid that stavoi eiamastan straboi tha minoume.

Great job Meletis, great courrage.

29 April, 2009 17:25  

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