September 19, 2006

Keep the Bling

I know what you're thinking. It's a good idea, right?

Yes, of course. Seeing as the people are being called upon to elect the new CEO of Stravaraland's biggest corporation, it may be time to give the new businessman-in-chief a more modern and with-it (as the people who are out of it usually say) look.

The double headed fowl-based bling can stay, though. Byzantium is way sicker than hip hop.

OK, you're right; it's actually from a proposed Steve Jobs makeover

Still, not a bad look for the next Archbishop.


Anonymous ελένη said...

what, u dont like the dress anymore? and no gold accessories! I think the dress look was way sparklier than this one. After all, it's for the CEO of Stravaraland's biggest corporation!

19 September, 2006 14:20  
Blogger Noullis said...

There are also certain additions that I propose:

Platinum and diamonds in the teeth (a la fence).

iPod enabled Eagle bling with 80GB drive.

Please, Eleni, don't try and resist progress. We need the next Archbishop to be able to spread The Word among a broader audience.

19 September, 2006 21:39  
Blogger vraggadagga said...

Jimmys Panousis, he came, he sang, he conqured and left a bag of lyrics in my conscience. This was the most amazing 2 gigs ever witnessed in Tassostan, more daring than Annoulla in the gardens of the Palace, or Sakis and the screaming Stavroulles. The zorba dance at the end summed it all up so well - such choreography - such hand movement - amazing, extra cosmic, beyond the scope of the grande nez. The best attaka 'you have the Turks - we have Hajiyiannis'. The wickedest tune 'Boukali abo Nylon'.

Every country should have its Panousis. I move the UN re-consider their decision about Dalaras, Jimmys is the one for me.

08 October, 2006 08:48  

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