September 27, 2006

Just the Headlines, Please

Stravaraland's State Broadcaster has gradually stuffed more news content into their morning show over the last few months.

I was almost pleasantly surprised when I hastily concluded that they'd given the whole news deparment the sack and replaced that sorry lot with this clever young man who seems to be really good at pointing to headlines and just as good at reading them out loud.

It can also be quite entertaining whenever he gets annoyed if the cameraman doesn't get to the next headline in time. When this happens, he sternly remarks: "here ... on the left", or wherever it may be that his pen got to first.

It's a good thing to get an idea of what's in the local press. But if your job is to give us this roundup it would be good if you got there a bit earlier and actually read some of the stuff in print.


Anonymous m said...

I assume you are overseas and that is why you actually watch RIK-sat, or the morning TV show on RIK, for that matter!

Catch the morning show here - -
from 7am Cy time onwards for some more detailed commentary. Also, phileleftheros has the newspaper headlines on their "ειδήσεις τώρα" section.

27 September, 2006 08:25  
Blogger Noullis said...

Kanali 6 in the morning is, indeed a lot of fun. They also do a press roundup properly.

Of course the best are the guys on ERT.

My point, however is how an idea simply cannot be implemented properly on CyBC.

As for the rest of the show, there are 2 babes who make it worthwhile: The presenter and the shrink.

And my heart is always in Cyprus, Martyrikh Megalonisos, Ponemeni Patrida, Enalia and, of course, the pseudostate for half price smokes and Efes!!

27 September, 2006 08:50  
Blogger michaella said...

try you can get 4 channels there

27 September, 2006 15:12  
Anonymous m said...

Agreed, the guys on ERT are the best, but no newspapers from Cyprus :P

As for implementing ideas... I am not sure if you know that CyBC spent 250 to 300 thousand liratses to hire some "British expert" to revamp their 8 o'clock main news bulletin. He designed the new set, and the new format (in the beginning the newscasters sat on the couch with no table in front of them holding the pages they had to read the news from)... and your friend Kenevezou would say the headlines from the balcony and then descend from the staircase to sit next to Tsouroullis! Oh my... and again ERT revamped their main news bulletin a hell of a lot better AND they have a pretty good web site as well...


27 September, 2006 19:57  

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