April 19, 2008

Wanna Wash My Feet?

Photis must be ecstatic, as his legacy is honoured by the present regime. As the island's water runs dry no one out there has taken the former incompetent minister to task. Where the hell is this buffoon and why has a warrant for his arrest not materialised? Where are the journalists who ought to be hunting him down? Of course, the current regime is not without blame for the current tragic mess, so I suppose we'll keep as quiet as them even though we are not accessories to a crime.

But Easter is a time to pull the wool over the eyes of unquestioning citizens. The water board has promised the people of Stravaraland more water during Easter. Wow, thanks, a bonus amount of an essential commodity. Maybe we'll have enough water to wash both our feet! But as we prepare to import water the rumours are already out. The unsubstantiated rumours are already circulating, putting the cost at 7 Euro a tonne. Has anyone questioned this cost? No.

If water is part of moron Photis' legacy another is undoubtedly lamb. You know, the meat that comes from the animals among which there was an epidemic last year. Yes, the authorities tell us that 97% of the lamb provided for consumption over Easter will be local because it's safe and patriotic. I think I'll risk it by trying to score some of the remaining 3%.


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