April 08, 2008

Green Line Tango

With so many people and the majority of the media (with CyBC still carrying the Tassos cross, leading the way) having tried to throw a dampener on the Ledra Street opening, it's great to see what is probably the most uplifting demonstration of a brilliant attitude in full celebration swing. It almost makes up for all the crap we've heard so far from the 'kodjakares' as Patroclos calls them.

|ADDENDUM| The Green Line Tanguero (who, by the way, was celebrating his birthday on the day he danced across the Green Line on Ledra Street) has asked us to make public the following clarification:
"I consider it my solemn obligation to make it clear to the blogging community that no flowerpots were harmed, or even moved, during the making of this video. Also no passports, ID cards, or other official documents of the Republic of Cyprus were disturbed or disarrayed. But at least one tango dancer hasn't been quite herself since, and several kodjiakares have been regurgigating more than the usual quantity of bile, for both of which consequences of my actions I am happy to assume any and all responsibility.


the Green Line Tanguero."