April 08, 2008

Flowerpots, Lefkaritika and a Megabitch

The so-called First Lady met with Comrade Leader Jimmy's wife yesterday. What is interesting is that the two were referred to by the media by their names and as wives of the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus.

Mrs Talat brought Mrs Christofia a potted flower to symbolise peace and Mrs. Christofia gave Olya a lefkaritiko to symbolise patience and ripping off tourists.

Mrs Talat also mentioned that after having coffee they did peer into the cup and that the future looked bright. Or words to that effect.

Of course, someone had to throw their two euro cents in as well and it seems the task fell to MegaVictor who quipped: "Maybe, in order to see what the future holds for the island we should take a look at Mrs. Erdogan's coffee cup". Looking at my Nescafe dregs, I predict Victor would pose a danger to any adversary in a catfight.


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