April 02, 2008

Carla the Greek

Some may feel there is a very thin line between the usual fare served up by Stravaraland's media and the traditional April Fool's prank story. The main focus in the local press was Ledra Street and water. And the most believable story was the one that appeared in Machi, claiming that the government ha been supplying the geographical north with water for over two years. I say believable in view of the hysteria usually peddled by a number of newspapers who seem to employ patriotic bricklayers with tourette's instead of journalists. The Cyprus Mail roundup sums up the local fare.

Having put up with the recent spate of Carlamania, as the Sarkozy couple visited Britain, I personally thought Eleftheros Tipos in Athens had the best article. Carla Bruni, it seems hails from the northern Greek village of Aedonohori. The story features a picture with Carla and her uncle from said village, Theodoros Brounis. And the best extra tidbit in the story: "although many people know of Nicolas Sarkozy's roots in Thessaloniki...".

What I would like to have seen in the local press, in view of the water cuts, would have gone along the lines of "Photis Photiou charged with criminal negligence over water shortage"


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